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EDM Metal Disintegration Removal Services


  • Our services include: Broken tap removal, Seized Bolt removal, broken drill bit removal, broken stud repair, broken spark plug extraction.

  • ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINING (EDM) is the only fast and efficient way of removing broken tools like taps, drills, and fasteners. Most commonly EDM effectivly removes broken bolts, broken drills, broken sparkplugs, broken ez outs, and broken taps.

  • EDM removal will penetrate any material that will conduct electricity, capable of producing blind or through holes.

  • Broken drills, taps, easy-outs, reamers and studs can be removed from military, aircraft, commercial and automotive parts.

  • Broken Taps and bolts from 0-80 to 3" diameter can be removed without damage to threads.
    Drills from .030 to 3" in diameter can be removed while maintaining size and depth.

  • Removal of Pins, fittings, bolts, bearing races and etc. can be removed without damage to surrounding material.

  • Holes can be pierced into or thru heat treated material while holding close diameter tolerances.

Jerry's the broken tool and busted bolt specialist.


  • VEHICLES - Autos, boats, planes and trains with broken bolts, broken pins, broken studs, etc. can be repaired at our facility without removing the motor or major components.

  • REPAIR & REWORK - Damage threads or holes prior to Jerry's rework can be repaired with either solid thread inserts, heli-coil, plugging or welding, depending on job requirements.

      • Broken Stud Removal
      • Broken Bolt Removal
      • Broken Tap Removal
      • Broken Drill Removal
      • Broken Easyout Removal

  • PORTABLE SERVICE - Our equipment and tooling are available for onsite jobs. Pricing and schedule for this service is determined by tooling requirements and job location.

  • MACHINERY - In addition to our extraction service, Jerry's offers various mill, drill and lathe work.


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