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Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal service has machines and tooling for all your extraction needs.

For 30 years Jerry"s has worked on some of the most difficult and challenging projects in the broken drill and tap industry.


Jerry's crew works on a variety of vehicles.
Automobiles, trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, freight-liners, marine motors, inboard water-crafts, outboard watercraft and much more!

Marine Crafts.
For our marine customers, inboard, outboard, any kind of watercraft, we remove broken or damaged bearing races, broken dowel pins, corroded studs, corroded bolts, and corroded heli-coils.

Land Vehicles
With our automotive, truck and industrial equipment related customers our skill requires us to tackle jobs ranging from broken studs in Jaguar blocks, to broken spark-plugs in aluminum heads and broken bolts with ezyouts from any location on the motor, transmission or chassis.

This removal and repair can be done while still on the vehicle or machine. We offer the same expertise no matter what the vessel might be. From snowmobile and motorcycles to lawnmowers and freightliners.

Thread Repair / Rework
If any thread or hole is damaged prior or during our rework the option for repair is determined from what is required whether solid thread insert or heli-coil. These are available in steel or stainless steel, in any size or length. Jerry's Broken Tap also offers plugging, welding and machine work.



In the aerospace and aircraft industry our skills, experience and equipment are tested everyday. The expectations of our machine shop and factory customers demand our prompt service but still requiring care and zero tolerance for mistakes. With our Metal Disintegrator Machine (MDM) and Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) we have removed broken taps, broken drills, and dowel pins from weldments and castings as large as a truck to highly precision parts as small as a dime with complete accuracy and success.

In our many years in this broken tap business the variety of jobs we have worked on is impossible to list and we still see new jobs everyday. Because of this variety, our daily practice and focus gives us the skill and tooling required to handle virtually any job.

Jerry's crew are all expert technicians who are trained and qualified for one purpose:
To salvage and repair damaged, expensive, or rare parts.


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