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Broken Easy Out Inside a Broken Bolt - Extraction - Part 2

This is the best and one of the only methods on how to properly remove a broken easy out that had been broken by attempting to remove a broken rusty bolt. In the previous video, as an example, Tom Grafton at Jerry's Broken Tap and Drill attempted to remove a very rusty seized bolt using an easy out. The demonstration showed that if a bolt breaks on the way out it generally means it's too seized for an easy out and will almost always break because the easy out is twice as brittle and half the size of the original bolt.

In this video Tom Grafton illustrates the correct professional method on how to remove a broken bolt or easy out utilizing a metal disintegrating machine (MDM). It's very common for an Easy Out bolt extractor to break when trying to remove a busted, rusty, seized old bolt. Sometimes its best to save your tooling and let the professionals who use the right tooling to extract the broken bolt which will save time and money in the long run.

Broken Easy Out Inside a Broken Bolt - Extraction - Part 1

Sometimes and Easy Out is not so easy. Here is an example when you should not used an easy out to remove a broken bolt. This example by Tom Grafton at Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal illustrates how a broken bolt can not be extracted using an Easy Out bolt extractor when the bolt breaks on the way out. It generally too seized and must utilize a more professional method.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Headbolt Repair.

Eric Grafton repairs a Harley-Davidson Motor Headbolt using a BigSert Oversized Time-Cert Repair Kit. The wrong kit was originally used creating and over-sized head bolt hole.


Small Broken Tap Removal by EDM Metal Disintegrator .

Tom Grafton removes 2 small broken taps from a industrial stainless steel ring. A Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) or A Metal Disintegration Machine (MDM) was used to successfully disintegrated the broken taps.

Toyota Head Bolt Repair
Utilizing aUniversal Head Bolt Thread Repair kit

Here is a Toyota with pulled head bolts which was repaired with the Universal Head Bolt Thread Repair kit. Tom at Jerry's broken drill and tap removal service demonstrates how to repair the head bolt & threads of Toyota Camry which over heated and caused the bolts to strip out.


Broken Tap Removal by Metal Disintegration Machine (MDM)

Tom Grafton of Jerry's Broken Drill & Tap removes a broken tap from a heavy industrial cast iron part. A Metal Disintegration Machine (MDM) or Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) was used to successfully disintegrated the broken tap saving the customer thousands of dollars. The broken tap didn't have a chance!

This is how to remove a broken tap the right way.


Broken Bolts and Thread Repair

Drilling out a broken bolt can be more difficult than what many believe. Do it yourself methods or using bolt extraction tooling can many times lead to damaged threads, unnecessary work, and greatly increase cost of repair.

Here we have a BMW cylinder head with multiple broken bolts and damaged threads caused by an unprofessional who attempted to drill out multiple seized bolts which broke off during removal. The owner of the damaged BMW hired an amateur who caused additional damage to engine costing thousands of wasted dollars. Lacking experience in broken bolt repair significantly increases your risk of damaging expensive car parts. Leave it alone and let the experts ease your difficulties while saving you time and money.

Jerry's broken drill & tap removal service specializes in the removal of broken taps, broken bolts, broken drills, broken spark-plugs or anything which needs metal disintegration. Jerry's broken drill & tap specializes in fastener extraction utilizing MDM or Metal Disintegration Machines. Call (714) 836-6824 to get a quote. Ship your broken parts from anywhere in the United States.

Jerry's broken tap disintegrates a variety of broken tooling and fasteners including but not limited to broken bolts, broken taps, broken drills, broken studs, broken sparkplug's, and broken ez-outs.

We're specialists in METAL DISINTEGRATOR MACHINING (MDM) also known as the ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE (EDM). We offer a range of EDM removal services.

The METAL DISINTEGRATOR MACHINE (MDM) (aka) ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE (EDM) was designed and manufactured specifically for removing broken tools and fasteners. Our bolt disintegrator machine will remove virtually any broken bolt, broken tap, broken drill, broken sparkplug, broken stud. Our electric discharge Machining service is located in Orange County California but we ship anywhere in the Untied States.


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